Have you ever dreamed of getting the body you have always wanted or stepping on stage but didn't know where to start?

My goal as a personal trainer, is to provide a safe place for women, no matter what level of fitness they desire to reach.

I offer online and in person, personal training, competition prep, and group fitness classes.

My methods are backed by years of experience and more importantly, SCIENCE!  

There is no magic pill, no fad diet, no superhero shake.  Hard work and proper nutrition is the only thing I teach!

My #1 goal as your personal trainer is that you reach yours and have fun doing it!

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Whats IS Your Goal?

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     I am a single mom of three awesome kids! They are the drive behind what I do every day! Fitness is what touches my heart and becoming a personal trainer was the best way to help other! 


    I started my fitness journey just like most....  At home, in front of a T.V. with whatever the latest trend in fitness was at the time. That was 10 years ago.  I tried all the fadish diets and I got results, but they were not sustainable or practical.  What it took me a long time to realize was consistency, hard work and  behavior modifications was the key.  

    So, I struck out as a personal trainer with a goal in mind of helping others achieve their goals! 

   I am an open books.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.  You can find me daily on Instagram Or Facebook



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